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Hirox Digital Microscope
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Special thanks to Madeline Hagerman and Theresa Slusser for their work organizing this conference. Many thanks to Kevin Shortall and UD Media Services, Catherine Matsen, Dr. Joelle Wickens, Debra Hess Norris, Frank Matero, Meredeth Lavelle, Fran Wilkins, Susan Behrens, Clara Simpers, and the staff, faculty, and students of the WUDPAC, Winterthur Museum Garden & Library, the University of Delaware, and the University of Pennsylvania Program in Historic Preservation.

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Tote Bag Items

Ceramic Brush Rests


The beautiful glazed ceramic brush rests were custom made for ANAGPIC participants by California-based artist Kristen Negrón. In her practice, Kristen incorporates found objects to create mixed media sculptures that speak to lineage, ancestry, and traditions passed through DNA as well as collective society.

Kristen describes her process for the ANAGPIC paintbrush rests: 


I was thinking about conservation and the ability of art to withstand the test of time. Each rest was cut from a slab of clay, and the grooves created with wooden dowels that I pressed into the slab. I made sure to compress the clay to increase the durability and strength before the first firing. I hand dipped the rests in glaze and they were fired one final time.


Thank you, Kristen, for your artistry and craftmanship!


Kristen has a BFA in Ceramics from Cal State Long Beach. You can follow her on Instagram @kristen_negron and @waning.moon.studios

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Conservation Stickers

Anita Dey is the 2021-2022 Samuel H. Kress Fellow in Paper Conservation at the Yale Center for British Art. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences with a minor in Ancient Studies at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and has recently graduated with a Master of Art from the Garman Art Conservation Department at the State University of New York Buffalo State specializing in Paper Conservation. 


Anita founded Agents To Fight Deterioration at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in June 2020. She combined her love of doodling and stationery with her passion to share resources about the false neutrality of the conservation field with her first “Conservation is Not Neutral” sticker. Her business has grown from multiple art conservation related products to collaborations with other conservators from around the globe including Covid relief efforts for conservation students, raising Pre-program funds for under-represented groups, and participating in panel discussion about expanding mentorship in the conservation field. Anita hopes to continue selling art conservation-related goods that create visibility to the field and spreads awareness on how neutrality in conservation contributes to inequality in the field. 


Follow Anita on Instagram: @agents2fight and @conservationbydey 

And visit her website, Conservation by Dey

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